Real Food Snacks Every Café Should Have


Café strips abound in many neighborhoods. As it is, people come not just for coffee but for the variety of food items that a café offers. Snacks that are made from whole foods offers a better alternative than snacks primarily that are based on processed or refined foods.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Snacks that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables are the best, especially if they are organically grown and locally produced. Cafés that offer salads on their menu will certainly attract more customers in the health enthusiasts segment. Green salads are great food craving busters and keeps you full. Depending on the ingredients, salads can boost your energy, detox your body or improve your metabolism. Vegetables sticks, such as carrots and snow peas, dipped in humus is a delicious healthy snack and provide that energy. Fresh fruits slices can provide that natural sweetness while sipping your tea.

Whole Wheat Breads

Whole grains are beneficial because they contain all the parts of the grain, including the brand and the germ. They contain a lot of fiber and aids in digestion. Snacks made from whole wheat retains the proteins and nutrients that are stripped off and missing from processed flour. Whole wheat breads, rolls, buns and muffins are better alternatives to sweetened, sugary snacks made from “enriched” flour. Burgers patties, made from the meat of grass-fed cows, encased in whole wheat buns is a much better alternative gives you much needed protein in a healthier manner. Biscuits, cookies and pastries made using whole grains are also welcome alternatives to a slice of cake made from processed flour and sweetened by refined sugar.

Homemade Protein Bars

Home-made protein bars are healthy alternatives that should be served as snacks in cafés. Compared to packaged protein bars, home-made protein bars have less junk and offers the same nutrition, and sometimes more. Instead of pastries or cakes, café customers can munch on them while having their cup of coffee or tea. Healthy homemade protein bar recipes abound, and café owners can control the kind of sweeteners that they can use or regulate their amount. They can play around with the ingredients for taste and texture. Don’t forget the nuts. Protein bars should contain nuts for that energy boost.

What Makes A Café Baby Friendly?

Kids meal

When a person becomes a parent, sometimes the option on where to eat out becomes lesser. You would want to get good food or good cappuccino yet find out that the old cafe where you used to frequently visit may no longer be a good place to go to. What if the baby needs a diaper change? What if the child becomes unruly? As an owner of the cafe, you would want your place to cater to the needs of your customers.

So what makes a café baby friendly?

  • High Chairs. High chairs will help keep the child in place and this should elevate the child so he will be at the same height as the table. This will make it easier for the parents to feed the baby.
  • Baby Changing Station. You can never control when your baby will need a diaper change. A changing station available in the women’s and the men’s room is a need. A flat table or an area with a flat surface where you could put the changing mat could also work.
  • Activity placements and a cup full of crayons. This is perfect in keeping the kids busy while the food is being prepared.
  • Kid friendly menus or finger foods being offered in the café could save the parent’s time in deciding which food their kids should be eating. A big plus also if the kids’ food is being served fast since kids tend to get hungrier quickly and the place mat and the crayons can only distract them for some time.
  • I have yet to see this but nothing says baby or child friendly than the food being served in smaller plates with spill proof cups and baby utensils. Any parent would love this because they would feel that not only their needs are being considered, but their child’s as well.
  • A little activity area at the corner of the café with crayons, building blocks or Lego would also be a great distraction for the little ones.