Does Coffee Affect Your Skin?


Coffee does wonders for every caffeine lover and anti-morning person on a daily basis. If you love sipping a steaming cup of coffee before beginning your day, or when the afternoon’s slump of exhaustion hits hard, you know all of the great benefits that can come with a daily cup of joe. As fantastic – and energizing – as coffee and its caffeine content can be for our energy, it may not be the best beverage for our skin. Here are a few ways in which overdoing your coffee habit can wreak havoc on your skin, and why you might want to consider cutting back.

You may have heard whisperings that coffee can cause you to burst out in a rash of red acne or blemishes. Perhaps the worst rumor about the damage coffee can do on our precious skin, who wants to have to give up their favorite coffee just to avoid a zit or two? In fact, the way in which coffee impacts your breakouts is a bit more complicated. Although coffee itself isn’t responsible for sudden spurts of acne, it can make any chronic skin conditions reappear and flare up. So, if you’re prone to acne, the caffeine content in coffee can make your acne appear more red, or occur a bit more often.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that any drink that features caffeine is also one that can cause dehydration. Caffeine causes your liver to work extra hard in order to process that cup of coffee, which can lead to an increase in low-level toxins within your body. This alone can cause your skin to struggle with its normal, healthy functions – and, since coffee is also a diuretic, drinking more than one cup per day will make you drain your body of all of its water. When you’re dehydrated, your skin suffers, appearing reddened and more aged due to the loss of collagen. Stay hydrated by increasing your water intake with every cup of coffee.

Finally, the last way in which coffee may negatively impact your skin is through clogged pores. Acne and blemishes of all kinds originate from excess oil, which clogs the pores of the skin and creates unattractive, unhealthy marks. While coffee itself won’t do your pores any harm, the dairy you add to every cup can. If you enjoy adding milk or creamer to your coffee, you may be clogging your pores more – milk and sugar can both trigger acne and breakouts, increasing sebum production and altering your hormones. So, keep your dairy intake to a minimum if you’re worried about your skin.