Is A Coffee After A Workout A Good Idea?


Various researches and studies were conducted to assess if drinking coffee after hitting the gym is healthy or not. Talks went around when sightings of Hollywood celebrities carrying a cup of their coffee drink after they finished their rounds of exercise happened.

Yet, it is not enough to catch your favorite actress doing this for you to follow suit. Experts tried to get into the bottom of the matter to clear the air.

Those Who Are For It

Coffee is known to have diuretic qualities. But the long-time belief that coffee can cause dehydration has been put to the test. It was found that the diuretic content in an average coffee cup is not enough to lead to dehydration.

A University of Connecticut scientist looked into research studies on this and found that: (1) the diuretic effect of coffee to the body is similar to that of water, and still allows the body to retain some fluid after caffeine consumption; and (2) regular coffee drinkers are more tolerant to the diuretic effect of caffeine.

Other studies also revealed that caffeine can lessen muscle pain after you exercise. Another research also showed that a cup of coffee after workout can help you refuel faster.

Those Who Say Otherwise

There are others who contest the way the experiments have been done and found some loopholes on the claim that caffeine can boost muscle recovery after working out. There is a need to expand the tests and see the post-workout effect of coffee over time if done at a regular rate.

Though no research shows that coffee has extreme adverse impact on the body after doing exercise, one has to exert caution because caffeine often exhibits side effects to some drinkers, such as dizziness, heart palpitations, and feeling jittery.

Like any other food or drink, always take coffee in moderation. Note that the diuretic consequence of coffee depends on certain considerations, such as the amount of coffee consumed and the tolerance of the coffee drinker to caffeine. A cup of coffee after training may not really be that dangerous, but you have to observe how your body react to it. The safer option is to stick to water in order to hydrate yourself after you sweat it out.